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Cellulose Insulation

Green, Non-toxic, Affordable Insulation

Missouri Foundation & Foam can help you with installing cellulose insulation in your home.Cellulose Insulation provides a green, efficient, non-toxic, affordable thermal solution for your home insulation needs.. Cellulose Insulation is recycled paper insulation sprayed or blown into attics or walls.

Cellulose insulation is made of paper, but chemical treatments provide it with permanent fire resistance. Cellulose insulation provides incredible resistance to air leakage and densely packed cellulose blocks air better than fiberglass. Cellulose is made from wood fiber and the cellular structure of wood is naturally more resistant to the conduction of heat.

R-value is the measurement of prevention of the flow of heat in and out of a structure. The higher the R-value, the better it is insulated. 

Cellulose Insulation: 3.5 R-value per inch.

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