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About Us

Lee Bell and Andrew Alton started working together through flipping houses after work in 2017. While working on house renovations, they met a foundation repair business owner of over forty years. After keeping him on site for a year of training, Lee and Andrew took on the business of foundation repair. They added the services of poly-jacking, insulation, and dirt work as they slowly grew. 

They developed their foundation company on their own until the end of 2019 when they partnered up with SafeBasements™ and took on their products and received more training and support. They kept growing their business part time until September 2021 when they moved into running the company full time alongside their wives, Megan and Sarah. With a strong core team behind them, they are looking to service and support families and companies around the mid-Missouri area with any foundation, waterproofing, insulation, and dirt work needs. 

Meet the Foundation Repair Team at Missouri Foundation & Foam. Standing in front of the trailer are Lee Bell, Andrew Alton, Skyler Barker, and Josh Carr.
Pictured: Lee Bell, Andrew Alton, Skyler Barker, and Josh Carr