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Deep Foam

Stabilize Your Foundation with Deep Foam

Deep Foam is a hydrophobic structural foam injected under the foundation to stabilize a foundation and prevent the foundation from settling.

Deep Foam is an upgrade to standard concrete raising. This process installs foam deeper to increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil. When you inject specialized foam thought points below a slab, this provides increased stability and load-bearing capacity to failing subgrades.

Deep Foam Injection accomplishes the following foundation repair:

  • Raise and stabilize slabs
  • Stabilize the ground beneath, providing a stable foundation
  • Foam can seep into the soil creating a root-like system of stability
  • Increase the load-bearing capacity of the soil

Deep Foam Injection is just one of the many tools in our foundation repair toolkit. We always use the most cost-efficient techniques possible to fix your foundation issues. And all our solutions are designed to be permanent. 

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