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Crawl Space Drainage System Installation

Do you have standing water in your crawl space after rain storms? Our team at Missouri Foundation & Foam offers professional crawl space waterproofing and drainage system installation across Central Missouri. 

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Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Auxvasse, Columbia, and Jefferson City 

A good drainage system can free your Columbia home’s basement or crawl space from excess moisture. Our advanced strain system consists of four parts. Our Missouri Foundation and Foam experts can install SafeBasements™ Multi-Flow™ Drain Tile, SafeEdge™, a sump basket with a clear lid, and various sump pump options. This advanced system provides a deeper profile, covering more surface area than other systems on the market. The increased surface area allows more water to be directed to a sump basket faster than an alternative system.

Crawl space Drainage

Our Crawl Space Drainage System

When it comes to crawl space waterproofing, we install professionally designed french drain systems and sump pumps to collect and keep water from entering your crawl space. 

The patented SafeEdge™ is installed around the exterior of your home to redirect water from seeping into the soil around your Jefferson City home’s foundation. SafeEdge™ has a rubber seal to minimize moisture vapor and radon gas from entering your home through the cove joint so that it can be sent out and away from your home through the sump pump system.

The SafeBasements™ Multi-Flow™ Drain Tile is installed level around the perimeter of the footer. This installation allows the Multi-flow Drain Tile to take on water in 5 slow and steady stages. This “staging” allows for a slow and steady flow rate that maintains the water table under your home well below the slab. This setup keeps the water table well below the slab. It conserves the soil under the footing, maintaining a strong footer and lessening potential slab cracking created by hydrostatic pressure.

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Missouri Foundation and Foam uses SafeBasement products and training to offer homeowners in Central Missouri high-quality basement waterproofing services. Our team of experts at Missouri Foundation and Foam offers many home improvement services, including basement waterproofing, foundation repair, concrete leveling, insulation, and dirt work. Contact us today for a free estimate on our basement waterproofing services for your home in the Auxvasse, Columbia, and Jefferson City areas.