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Concrete Leveling & Lifting

Do you have uneven concrete around your property? Our team at Missouri Foundation & Foam offers professional concrete lifting and leveling services for residential and commercial customers.

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Fix Uneven Concrete With Polyjacking

Are you having problems with uneven concrete around your home or business? Instead of replacing it, fix it! Chances are, concrete leveling can solve some of your concrete problems. Concrete leveling is a good choice for concrete with visible cracks, holes, or uneven areas. Concrete relies on the durability of what it is laid on. If there’s any instability in the foundation of the concrete, the concrete can be damaged.

If you have cracked, uneven, or sunken concrete, consider concrete repair instead of replacement. Lifting and leveling concrete slabs can extend the longevity of the cement at your home. Cracked concrete or uneven concrete slabs can be hazardous if left alone. Luckily, Missouri Foundation and Foam provides concrete leveling services in Jefferson City and the surrounding areas. 

What Projects Work Best For Concrete Leveling?

For homeowners, even ground is fundamental to the safety and curb appeal of your property. Our residential concrete leveling services are designed to help home and business owners in a variety of areas:

  • Driveways and sidewalks, ensuring safe access to your home.
  • Patios and pool decks, making leisure spaces safe and enjoyable.
  • Garage floors, enhancing the utility and appearance of your garage.
  • Foundations, securing the structural integrity of your home.
  • Sidewalks and Walkways: Eliminate tripping hazards and ensure ADA compliance with level, smooth surfaces.
  • Parking Lots and Garages: Address uneven surfaces that can cause vehicle damage and affect drainage.
  • Warehouse and Industrial Floors: Improve operational efficiency and safety by leveling floors subject to heavy traffic and load.
  • Office Buildings: Enhance the appearance and safety of entryways, courtyards, and common areas.
  • Retail Centers: Ensure a positive customer experience by maintaining even, accessible surfaces.
  • Public Spaces, Public Pools, and Parks: Provide a safe, enjoyable environment for the community with level concrete surfaces.

Concrete Leveling With Polyjacking

Our team at Missouri Foundation and Foam levels uneven concrete using a method called Polyjacking. Polyjacking is a process used to level and fix cracked or uneven cement. The first step is drilling small holes into concrete. drilling holes allows for places to inject the foam and let it spread. Next, polyurethane foam is injected into the holes to raise the uneven concrete back up.

The foam works by filling the voids under the cement to level uneven slabs. This process can also be called foam jacking or slab jacking. Once the foam spreads underneath the concrete, it will solidify quickly. This will save you both time and money when considering the other options for concrete leveling and repair.

concrete lifting and leveling
concrete leveling after

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