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Helical Pier Installation

We offer professional foundation settlement repair services using helical piers for homes, patios, porches and more across Central Missouri. 

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Foundation Repair with Push Piers

At Missouri Foundation & Foam, our experts will install helical piers on your Columbia home to help with foundation repair. A Helical Pier is similar to a Push Pier, except it has a shaft with helical plates, which make them appear like giant screws. This shape allows them to be screwed into the ground instead of pushed.

Our SafeBaseTM Helical Piers can be installed in all weather conditions. There is no need for costly and messy excavation. And concrete can be poured immediately after Helical Piers are put in place. Buildings that are unstable or located in a windy area are ideal candidates for helical piers.

Helical Piers are helpful for new construction as they are proactive and necessary support to keep structures from settling, cracking, etc., over time. If your Jefferson City home needs foundation repair, call our team for a free estimate on foundation repair services.

helical pier installation

What is a Helical Pier?

Helical piers are a foundation repair solution consisting of steel shafts with helical plates attached to them. The helical plates act like screws that dig into the ground and anchor the piers to a stable soil layer. The piers are then connected to the foundation with brackets and bolts, creating a strong and durable support system.

Helical piers are also known as helical piles, screw piles, or torque anchors. They have been used for over 150 years for various applications, such as bridges, lighthouses, railroads, and pipelines. They are widely used for residential and commercial foundation repair, as well as for new construction projects.

Helical piers can lift, level, and stabilize foundations that have settled or shifted due to soil movement, erosion, or other factors. They can also be used to increase the load-bearing capacity of foundations under stress from additional weight or structural changes.

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