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Helical Piers

Increase The Stability of Your Foundation with Helical Piers

A Missouri Foundation & Foam expert helps with installing helical piers on a home to help with the foundation.A Helical Pier is similar to a Push Pier except it has a shaft with helical plates which make them appear like giant screws. This shape allows them to be screwed into the ground instead of pushed.

Our SafeBaseTM Helical Piers can be installed in all weather conditions. There is no need for costly and messy excavation. And concrete can be poured immediately after Helical Piers are put in place.

Buildings that are unstable or located in a windy area are ideal candidates for helical piers.

Helical Piers help support the weight of heavy commercial columns and wall loads by being “screwed” into the ground, to the appropriate depths of hard bedrock or stable soil, and then bolted or molded into the structure’s foundation with concrete. This allows the weight of the structure to be transferred from unstable or weak soil to stable soil or bedrock. 

Helical Piers are helpful for new construction as they are proactive and necessary support to keep structures from settling, cracking, etc. over time.

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