Wall Anchor Installation
in Auxvasse, Columbia, and Jefferson City

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Straighten and Strengthen Your Foundation Walls

Our Wall Anchor System is used to straighten bowing walls. Wall Anchors are steel plates in the soil connected by rods from the internal to the external foundation walls. Wall Anchors offer resistance and hold a bowed wall in place. Wall Anchors restore lateral strength to the wall, allowing the wall to be pulled straight using the natural expansion and contraction of the soil. Missouri Foundation and Foam can install wall anchors at your Jefferson City home to reinforce bowed foundation walls.

Our Wall Anchors are adjustable to be tightened during dry weather. When the soil dries and shrinks away from the wall leaving a gap, the anchors are tightened, which pulls the wall straight. Wall Anchors are just one of the many tools in our Foundation Repair arsenal. We always use the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your foundation problem we can find. And our solutions are designed to be permanent.

bowed wall repair - wall anchors installed
bowed wall repair - wall anchors installed
wall anchors installed

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