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Push Pier Installation

Our team at Missouri Foundation & Foam offers professional foundation settlement repair with push pier installation in Central Missouri.

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Foundation Repair with Push Piers

Our team uses SafeBase™ push piers for foundation repair. SafeBase™ Push Piers are designed to stabilize your home’s foundation by transferring the house’s weight from unstable soil to more stable soil below.

The push piers are hydraulically driven through a bracket attached to the foundation footing until they reach stable soil. When the push piers are installed, we ensure they are hydraulically driven until they reach the desired resistance. We determine that the soil is stable by load testing every pier as it is being installed.

Our push pier system comes in several configurations, including:

  • Standard duty
  • Light duty
  • Heavy duty
  • Commercial duty
push pier installation

What is a push pier?

Push piers are steel pipes that are used to support and stabilize a settling or sinking foundation. Push piers are also known as resistance piers or micro piles. They are designed to transfer the weight of the structure from the unstable soil to the more stable bedrock or load-bearing strata.

Push piers have been used for foundation repair since the late 1800s, when they were first introduced in the Northeast. They became popular because they could reach below the frost line and provide a secure foundation for buildings in areas with poor soil conditions. Push piers are widely used for residential, commercial, and industrial foundation repair projects across central missouri.

Push piers work by using the weight of the structure as resistance to drive them into the ground. A hydraulic ram is attached to a steel drive stand and pushes the piers through a pier bracket that is bolted to the footer of the foundation. The piers are connected with couplings and extensions until they reach the desired depth and resistance. The hydraulic ram then lifts and levels the foundation by applying pressure to the piers. The pier bracket is locked in place with steel pins and nuts, and the dirt is backfilled around the foundation.

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