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Interior Drainage Systems

Waterproof Your Basement, Foundation or Crawl Space with Interior Drains

Most interior drainage systems have all evolved from the drain tile system. At Missouri Foundation and Foam, we use an improved drain tile system, never compromising quality, only improving the design with modern technology.

Here are some of the tools we use to implement an Interior Drain System:


The SafeEdgeTM takes incoming moisture where the wall and floor meet and diverts it from under the slab into a drain tile system which is installed along the foundation’s footer, the base of the foundation.


The SafeDrainTM Waterproofing System’s design allows for a thick layer of concrete to be placed over the repaired area while maintaining the hydrostatic pressure and the draining water flow rate.


The SafeTrackTM waterproofing system was designed to solve basement wall water problems. There is a rubber seal that allows water to pass through the system but minimizes radon from entering your home.

Multi-Flow Drain Tile

The SafeBasementsTM Multi-flow Drain Tile was created to address the flow rate of drain tile systems. A slow and steady flow of the drain water is critical to the stability of the soil along your foundation’s footer, which supports your foundation.

Here is the Installation Procedure:

  1. Concrete is removed from the perimeter of the basement.
  2. Clean the footing, removing soil and gravel.
  3. Drill weep holes in block cells and mortar joints.
  4. Installation of the SafeDrainTM system on top of the exposed footing.
  5. SafeDrainTM system is attached to the sump system.
  6. Restoration of concrete around the foundation.

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