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Foundation Repair

The Right Foundation Solution for Your Home

At Missouri Foundation & Foam we come, evaluate the damage to your foundation and propose the right course of action for the necessary repairs. Below we outline what to look for when assessing if there has been damage and the different repair solutions we can do to ensure the foundation of your home is intact.

Signs Your Foundation Has Been Damaged:

Bowing Walls

If you notice that the walls of your basement, crawl space or home are leaning in.

More Signs of a Settled Foundation

Do you have vertical, horizontal, and diagonal cracks in walls? Are your floors uneven?

Learn more about the signs of foundation problems here.

Foundation Repair Solutions:

We offer a variety of foundation repair solutions and our experts are trained to know and recommend the best, most cost-effective solution for your situation.  We use the most up-to-date techniques available and our fixes are designed to be permanent.

Push Piers

A Push Pier is a steel pipe inserted into the ground using hydraulics and the weight of the home as resistance. This lifts and stabilizes any structure that has settled. Learn more about push piers here.

Helical Piers

A Helical Pier is similar to a Push Pier except it has a shaft with helical plates which make them appear like giant screws. This shape allows them to be screwed into the ground instead of pushed. Helical piers can be installed straight into the ground or at an angle. These are put in mechanically for new construction or structures that are light and don’t have enough resistance for a Push PierLearn more about helical piers here.

Waler Wall Support

Walers are steel tubing used to attach to footers and floor joists of structures after the wall has been pushed back out. They help to straighten bowing walls. Learn more about walers here.

Wall Anchors

Wall Anchors (also known as Tie Backs) are steel plates connected by rods from the internal to external foundation walls using plates in the soil to offer resistance and hold the wall in place. Like Walers, they help to straighten bowing walls. Learn more about wall anchors here.

Crack Injection

A Crack Injection is a two-part process using epoxy on the exterior portion of a wall crack and high-density foam on the interior portion of the crack in the wall. This two-pronged approach seals cracks to keep water out. Learn more about crack injection here.

Deep Foam

Deep Foam refers to injecting hydrophobic structural foam under the foundation to stabilize a foundation and prevent the foundation from settling. Learn more about deep foam here.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is when Kevlar fiber is infused with epoxy to create the strength of steel and then applied to the foundation wall, floor joist, and footer to stop walls from bowing further. This can also be applied after the straightening process. Learn more about carbon fiber here.

Support Under Beams

Instead of investing a lot of money in a complete replacement of foundation beams, you may want to consider repairing by adding additional support. Learn more about support under beams here.

Contact us today for a free estimate to fix any foundation issues you may be experiencing in your home.