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Exterior Drainage Systems

Basement, Foundation and Crawl Space Waterproofing with Exterior Drains

An animated view at how Missouri Foundation & Foam installs an exterior drainage systemExterior Drains are one of the ways we waterproof your home or business. Exterior Waterproofing Drains are installed on the footer and usually pair with an exterior membrane on the foundation. The area around the foundation is then backfilled with rock to divert water away from the foundation.

A solid perforated pipe is used and 90% of the trench is backfilled with clean rock.

Here is the Installation Procedure

  1. Dig out the exterior of the home.
  2. Clean the footing, removing soil and gravel.
  3. Drill weep holes in block cells and mortar joints – if it is cinder block
  4. Install solid perforated pipe
  5. Either use a sump pump or if enough slope is available, it will naturally drain away.
  6. Restoration of soil grade around the foundation.

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